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Service and Repair of Brass & Woodwind Musical Instruments

Who We Are

We have a passion for getting your musical instrument playing at its very best.

"We believe that musical instruments should be available to as many as possible for as little as possible, and easy and enjoyable to play".

Located in beautiful Korumburra, amongst the rolling hills of Gippsland Victoria, we are centrally located to our customers all around Gippsland, the Mornington Penninsula and the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne


Charity Policy
Our business is not about making big profits but dedicated to servicing the needs of people first.

The majority of our profits are donated to charitable causes, both local and worldwide.

Please contact us if you have a special need for a modified instrument. There is not normally any charge for this kind of work as we just want you to be able to play comfortably and enjoy your music.

We are happy to receive donated instruments which we can service and distribute to the needy.

Colin, as the inventor, has produced several one-handed flutes amongst other instrument modifications.

(For Piano Tuning see below)

Brass & Woodwind Service & Repairs

As each instrument usually requires different attention, it is difficult to give specific pricing without an inspection.

Unless otherwise requested, our servicing always includes a complete disassembly of your instrument as this is the only way to give a proper clean and lubrication of the hinge rods. These rods get dirty over time and slow down the key action. Oiling joints without removing and cleaning the rods doesn't help your instrument.

As a guide:
Our Full Service includes:

Removing & replacing all key work, thorough wash (inside & out) of body and keys/valves, dry and full lubrication, check of key/valve heights and action with all necessary adjustments made to the mechanism. Minor dent removal is also included. 

Pricing starts at $90 for upper brass, flutes & clarinets, & $180 for saxophones, bass clarinets & oboes.
Saxophone neck, or clarinet tenon (joint) re-corking $30 each.

Check ups, minor Adjustments, leak tests and lubrication are generally given free of charge. We just want your instrument playing at its best.

 Piano Tuning & Regulation

Pianos need to be tuned (& regulated) regularly in order to keep tuning costs to a minimum. How often generally depends on much they are played, but at least once every two years. Professionals and serious AMEB students should think about tuning every six to twelve months.

The more a Piano is played the quicker it will go out of tune (imagine the hammers hitting the strings that often and no change happening to the strings). The tuning can also be affected by moving the Piano (slight bumps) and changes in temperature or humidity.

There are approximately 220 strings on a standard 88 key modern Piano under a huge amount of tension and it doesn't take much to upset their balance.

Sometimes if a Piano is left for too long between tunings, the pitch can drop below the standard "A-440" concert pitch and may need several tunings (called a pitch raise) in order to bring it back.

Being under such tension, Piano strings can break quite easily if tightened too quickly and so each tuning in a pitch raise needs to be done slowly in steps.

Pricing is at at our standard $200 for a single tuning on a regularly maintained Piano and this will also include a basic regulation of the keyboard action to have your instrument playing at its best. A discount is available if more than one Piano is booked for the same day at the same location and also if we tune the same piano every year.

For all enquiries, please contact:

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